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State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance is a renowned car insurance company of the USA that is operating in most of the US states. The customers prefer the services of State Farm Car Insurance, due to the facilities offered in the features of these auto insurance policies.
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As this company operates in most of the states of the USA, it is easier for the customers to find an agent or representative of State Farm Car Insurance, for applying for suitable need-based insurance for their cars. Generally, the company fixes a minimum amount for each important coverage option, though the customer is free to opt for the amount that he feels to be adequate for the best financial security regarding his car.

  • Property Damage Liability coverage of the car insurance is fixed at a minimum rate of $5000, for compensating the damages of the car of a third party, who is victimized in the accident caused by the insured car.
  • Similarly, Bodily Injury Liability coverage guarantees the minimum payment of $15,000 per person wounded in the accident or simply $30,000 per accident caused by the insured car. But this coverage payment is also meant for compensating the physical injuries of the third party victims of the accident.
  • Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury coverage of minimum $15,000 is provided per injured passenger of the insured car or $30,000 is given per accident, to secure the financial interests of the customers, if their cars are hit by the other cars, whose drivers are not properly insured and thus, the injured customers have no hope of getting any compensation from them.
  • Uninsured Motorist Property Damage is offered a minimum amount of $3500, for meeting the repairing charges of the damaged car, in case of hit by an uninsured driver.
Coverage Options
  • Comprehensive coverage pays for repairing all the damages caused to the insured car, due to any incident of accident, theft, vandalism, natural disasters or fire. According to this coverage, the insurer may also replace a totally destructed car, if the car was a brand new one that was less than 1 year old.
  • Travel Expense coverage is a unique option, by which the customer is paid for the lodging, foods and transport to return home, if his insured car is faced with an accident more than 50 miles away from his home.
  • Collision coverage is somewhat similar to Comprehensive insurance option, but here the customer is paid all the repairing charges, only if his car is damaged due to a collision with another car or any sturdy object.
  • Emergency Road Service is offered to the customers, whenever their cars breakdown in the middle of the journey and they get stuck there. The insurer is supposed to instantly send mechanic or towing laborers to take the car to the nearest service station, to give some relief to the distressed customer.
  • Medical Payments coverage is meant to pay for all the medical expenses for the treatment of the accident-borne injuries of the insured person and even his funeral expense, if he dies due to the car accident.
  • Liability coverage is meant for paying the medical and repairing bills of the third party people, who are injured in the accident caused by the insured car, for compensating the damages.
  • Car Rental coverage pays for renting a car for travel, while the insured car is in garage for repair, after meeting with an accident.

The customers can expect to find quite reasonable prices of the car insurance policies of this company. On an average, these policies are affordable by most of the people and a State Farm Car Insurance quote can be lowered by availing any of the discounts offers for the long distance students or the brilliant students, good drivers with no previous record of any accident or the drivers who have taken defensive driving courses. The cars having anti-theft devices or passive restraint systems can get large amount of discounts on the premiums of the car insurance. The comparatively newer vehicles can expect to a discount to some extent, due to the well maintained parts of the cars. Discounts are also offered for multiple vehicle policy or multi-line policy of this company.

Customer Satisfaction Rating
out of 599 user reviews

According to the State Farm Car Insurance reviews posted on the website of this insurance company, the customers of this company are highly satisfied with the simplicity of the setup of online application procedure, speediness of the claims processing and the promptness of the customer services provided by this car insurance company. Many customers also seem to be pleased with the premium rates and the discount amounts offered by the company.

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As State Farm Insurance is holding a total asset of $138.5 billion in the USA market, it is regarded as one of the most financially stable company of this country. Hence, the reliability and the competence of this company have earned it the best rating A++ or AA by the prominent credit rating agencies.

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