Know the basic difference between Bobtail And Non trucking liability insurance

Bobtail insurance and Non-trucking insurance are similar in many extents and hence people often get confused regarding liability and coverage of these two insurances. Generally the basic liability coverage insurances are very much needed for the truckers. But if they choose these kinds of additional coverage then they will be benefitted in many situations. So it is necessary to know about both bobtail liability insurance and non-trucking liability insurance for the truckers.

What is bobtail insurance coverage?

Bobtailing means driving a big truck without the trailer attached to it. So bobtail truck implies a truck travelling from one place to another place. A truck, after dropping the trailer with loads, goes towards another place to load another trailer then this is known as bobtailing. And bobtail insurance coverage this journey of the truck if in case any accident happens. A trucker who often needs to drive without attaching the trailer to it generally needs this kind of bobtail insurance. It covers the journey of the truck from one place to another place without the trailer attached to the truck.

Cost of bobtail insurance

Bobtail truckinsurance are costly. But it costs less than general trucking liability insurance. Generally bobtail insurance costs $35- $60 per month. However there are many cheap bobtail insurances available under different insurance companies. The trucker just needs to compare the policies offered by different bobtail insurance companies.

What is Non-trucking liability insurance?

Non trucking liability insurance is a kind of insurance offered to the third party when a truck is used for non business purposes and causes any damage or meets an accident. So non-trucking liability insurance does not cover the damage when the driver drives his truck for any business purpose. It covers the injury or damage of the third party when the trucker drives his truck for his personal use. So this also an important insurance coverage the truckers should have. In many occasions, the truckers seem to use their vehicles for personal reasons. And this insurance may be helpful for them for such reasons as accidents may happen to anybody at any time.

Difference between bobtail and non-trucking liability insurance

People often misunderstand the bobtail insurance for non-trucking insurance. But bobtail is completely different from non- trucking liability insurance. Bobtail insurance covers the trucker and the truck while he is making a journey from one place to another place for a business purpose. On the other hand non- trucking insurance covers the liability the driver cause to a third party while he is driving his truck for non business or personal use. It does not cover any business trip.

Generally the big trucking companies having leased drivers under their company need bobtail insurance, as they often need to drive their trucks from one place to another without the trailers. And non-trucking insurance is needed by the leased operators. The independent motor carrier needs non-trucking liability insurance. But bobtail insurance covers more than non-trucking liability insurance.

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