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In you can consult prices, conditions of the policies and request offer of different types of insurance. If the offers you find on this website are of interest and you decide to request a personalized offer or the direct contracting of insurance, the data form will ask you for personal, professional or other information necessary for the contracting of insurance. We, within the mechanics of the sector and the business itself, will need to share this data with other entities, mainly dedicated to the insurance and financial field. The client is informed and accepts the incorporation of his data to our computer files and to his automated treatment for the consultation, application and contracting of Insurance and sending of commercial communications, including electronic

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Blocking of cookies may restrict, for example, the personalization of the content that is shown on our website and you will not be able to obtain the prices of the tarifiers correctly.

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Doing business with truck is very much risky as truck often needs to travel from one place to another whether it is a known place or unknown. Hence a truck owner as well as a truck driver needs insurance so that they may get at least some help if they meet any accident.

Bobtail insurance and Non-trucking insurance are similar in many extents and hence people often get confused regarding liability and coverage of these two insurances. Generally the basic liability coverage insurances are very much needed for the truckers.

Motor truck cargo insurance is a cargo insurance coverage. It provides insurance to the cargo carried by trucks or multi wheeled trailer in case these goods are damaged, stolen or lost. These goods are insured throughout the process of transportation until they reach the buyers.