The Various types of commercial truck and trailer insurances

Doing business with truck is very much risky as truck often needs to travel from one place to another whether it is a known place or unknown. Hence a truck owner as well as a truck driver needs insurance so that they may get at least some help if they meet any accident. Physical damage insurance covers the truck if it gets damaged for any reason. Physical damage coverage is of two types: collision and comprehensive. Collision damage covers and pays for any damage caused by any collision with other vehicles. And the comprehensive covers and pays for everything unexpected faced by the truck including fire, theft and such other damages.

Types of commercial trucks insurance

Commercial truck implies all kind of trucks including pickup trucks, tow trucks, box trucks, bucket trucks, catering trucks, delivery van, ice cream truck, tank truck dump trucks etc. So accordingly there are different commercial vehicles insurances are available including tractor insurance, cheap commercial truck insurance, tow truck insurance, dump truck insurance etc. Some commercial truck insurance coverage are:

  1. General liability coverage insurance- it is one of the most important and needed insurances in every state. It covers the injury or damage caused to the driver of any commercial truck
  2. Bobtail coverage: it covers the truck and the trucker when he is travelling from one place to another without the trailer attached to it for any business purpose.
  3. Physical damage coverage: it covers any physical damage caused to the truck due to fire, collision, or any other natural disasters.
  4. Motor truck cargo coverage: It gives the protection to the driver of a commercial truck if the cargo is damaged or lost.
  5. Non-trucking insurance liability: Non- trucking insurance covers the any accident the driver meets when he is using the truck for non-business purposes.  The insurance company gives liability to the third party to whom damage is caused.
  6. Pickup truck insurance: pickup truck insurance covers liability insurance, physical damage coverage, uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance. In these situations, pickup truck coverage may help the owner.
  7. Tow truck insurance: Tow truck insurance includes liability insurance, medical payments insurance, physical damage coverage and uninsured motorist insurance. These coverages will be helpful for the tow truck owners or companies if tow truck faces any unexpected situation.
  8. Dump truck insurance: Dump truck insurance includes primary liability insurance, physical damage insurance, motor carrier insurance etc.

Types of commercial trailer insurance

Trailer may be of different types with different shapes. Different tractor trailers are used with trucks in commercial purposes. So these trailers need insurance like the trucks. Tractor trailer insurances include the following trailers:

  • Auto hauler trailer
  • Dry freight trailer
  • Utility trailer
  • Flatbed trailer
  • Tank trailer
  • Pole trailer etc.


So it is seen that whether you are the owner of a truck or you work under any operator or company truck insurance is very important. And there are many companies available which can offer the truck insurance or tractor insurance with the trailer.

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