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Allstate (Allstate Insurance Company) is one of the automotive insurance firms that servers in most of the US states. Compared to other insurance agencies, the policy premiums of Allstate might be a bit higher.
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Affordability Rating
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Insurance Coverage

However, it provides regular auto insurance policies and options along with certain extra and best coverages such as towing, sound system, labor coverages, and the list goes on. Also, it provides extensive rewards to safe drivers with vanishing deductible, the safe driving bonus check, and Allstate reward programs.

In addition, compared to other insurance agencies it provides unique and best satisfaction in terms of claims which ultimately provides credit to the policy if you’re really dissatisfied in case the claim is not handled in the proper manner.

Insurance Coverage

There are many individuals who often talk about having their cars properly and fully insured. However, there are many who aren’t aware of the various outs and ins present in the auto insurance terminology. This is especially in terms of what it means and what kind of coverage must be considered.

Now there might be various insurance options to select from in the Allstate insurance but keep in mind that there is nothing like the full coverage that can be provided for your vehicle. But the good news is that there are many things you can do to ensure that the auto insurance is taken from Allstate simply fits your needs and provides the required protection that you want. Now if you really want to ensure that all kind of coverage is available for you, then you must consider and check out the coverage options that are at your disposal.

Coverage Options

Following are the coverage options that you can follow

1) Liability Coverage

This consists of various insurance policies that you might find suitable for your car. The liability coverage of Allstate helps in securing you from any kind of damage that is caused by various people or to the property, especially due to any kind of accident which might be caused by you.

Here the liability coverage of the auto insurance policy will have three major limits – maximum payable for all bodily injuries due to accident, maximum payment for bodily injury according to each person, and the maximum payable for any kind of property damage.

2) Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

There are two options present in the comprehensive and collision coverage of Allstate, even though if you are still making payment as auto loan or if you are really having any kind of lease to the vehicle in lien holder or any kind of financing firm that might require such kind of coverages.

Here the collision coverage might typically have to make payments for the damages to the vehicles if there are involved in any kind of collision with other automobiles or if it gets banged with an object. This is a different kind of liability coverage which is simply related to the damages caused to the property that is related to another party, which are involved in accidents due to any reasons or bodily injury.

3) Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

You have another option present in the insurance coverage of Allstate with regard to the underinsured and uninsured motorist coverages. In case of being in an accident and if it due to the fault of the other driver, then the liability insurance of the driver will cover and make up for the damage of your car. This is only if the driver has auto insurance.

But in certain states, there are certain collision coverage which will make payment for your car’s repair and damages. If you aren’t living in that state, you can go for uninsured motor coverage. Underinsured motorist coverage will take effect only if other driver is under the coverage of an auto insurance policy but there are no limits on how much amount of damage it can cover and also in terms of the injuries.

4) Medical Payment Coverage

This is an optional coverage which provides protection in many kind of scenarios. And this consists of any kind of auto accidents that might happen to your vehicle and also when you are in someone else vehicle or while you are walking and getting hit by a car.


The affordability rating is the measure that is used by the Credio to rank the price competitiveness of auto insurance policy. Here the Allstate will be compared based on its insurance premium with other firms. As per the affordability ratings given by Credio, Allstate scores about 3 out of 5 stars.

Customer Satisfaction Rating
out of 599 user reviews

Here the customer satisfaction rating is the measurement of how much customers like the insurance coverage of Allstate and also includes the experience of the current users. Out of 5 star, the Allstate customer satisfaction is about 3.9 out of 5 which is simply in line with other insurance providers.

Ease of Setup
Premium Affordabillity
Discount Satisfaction
Customer service
Claims Process
Financial Stability Rating
out of 599 user reviews

This is calculated by keeping in mind of the composite amount of rating that is provided to the official credit ratings of any insurance agency. Here the score of Allstate was 4.3 out of 5 which is the average stability rating for any auto insurance firm.

General Phone Number
Customer Service Phone

For general correspondence, please send mail to:

Allstate Insurance Company
P.O. Box 660598
Dallas, TX 75266-0598

For correspondence about auto insurance claims, please send mail to:

Allstate Insurance Company
P.O. Box 660636
Dallas, TX 75266

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