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Farmers Insurance is an old insurer of the USA, established 85 years ago. Now Farmers car insurance is considered as the smart choice of the customers, mainly in the field of auto insurance.
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Insurance Coverage

The customers can determine themselves the amounts to be selected for coverage of Farmers car insurance, with the knowledge of the functions of each coverage option.

  • They need to consider the value of the total assets the insured person has got legally registered in his name; so that the Liability Coverage taken should be same or more than that value to protect those assets, if legally sued for any road accident.
  • The value of the car in question should be kept in mind too, while opting for the value of Comprehensive Coverage and Collision Coverage, so that the customer may get back the full value of the car, if it is severely damaged or stolen. However, the owner of an old car can take lesser amount of these coverage options, due to the reduced value of his car, unless it is a vintage one.
  • The time spent by the car on road should be considered while determining the amounts for Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist Coverage. If the car is driven for long hours, then the probability of accidents also rises, due to the availability of plenty of rash drivers who are uninsured or underinsured. Hence, it is safer to take large amounts of these coverage options, to save from the financial hazards, if unfortunately any such incident occurs.
  • The types of passengers normally carried by the insured car are also to be considered, while deciding the amount of Medical Coverage. If children or very important people are regularly carried by the insured car, then this coverage should be higher amounts, to compensate their treatment costs, if met with an accident.
Coverage Options
  • Collision coverage is provided when the insured car collides with another vehicle on the road or with any fixed object; like a pillar or a tree or guard rails. The damage of the car is compensated through this coverage.
  • Comprehensive coverage compensates all the losses of the car that may be caused due to accidents, natural calamities, fire, vandalism and theft.
  • Liability coverage of this company includes Bodily Injury coverage and Personal Property coverage. This coverage is particularly helpful if the insured driver happens to be legally responsible for any road accident, where enough physical injuries and loss of property are involved. Bodily injury part covers the compensation of the medical costs of the people of the other car; while the Personal property part of this coverage fulfills the repairing cost of the damaged car of the other party.
  • Medical Payments coverage is meant to provide treatment expenses of the insured person and his co-passengers in the car, when the accident occurred.
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage deals with the expenses faced by the insured person, when the accident occurs due to the fault of another driver who is not insured or at least not sufficiently insured to compensate the damages of this insured one.
  • Roadside assistance coverage is created to help the customers, when they get stuck at the roadside, due to the sudden breakdown of the car or any other problem faced by the driver. The company immediately sends locksmith to open the locked car doors or try to repair the problems on the spot only. They also tow the car to the nearest service station, if thorough servicing is required.

The Farmers auto insurance policies are known to be of quite reasonable prices, comparing to the facilities provided to the customers. But the customers should also consider the costs of all the coverage options, as well as the suitable discounts available now, to find the free Farmers car insurance quotes. The customers can avail the discounts offered for the distant students, homeowners, experienced and mature drivers, as well as for the cars provided with anti-theft device, anti-brake locks and other safety measures.

Customer Satisfaction Rating
out of 599 user reviews

As per the Famers car insurance reviews posted online, the customers of this company are found to be highly satisfied by the 24 x 7 hours customer services offered to process the claims fast and provide all possible guidance to the distressed customers, who have met with accidents. They are also satisfied with the amounts of discounts provided to lower the premiums of the auto insurance policies.

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This company has got financial stability rating of 4.1 out of 5, according to the credit rating agencies. The total asset of this company is $382 billions, which is more than many reputed insurers of the country, marking it as a perfect financially stable auto insurance company.

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