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Nationwide Truck Insurance provides all kinds of coverage options for your truck business requirements. It offers comprehensive, affordable and customized insurance coverage options for all kinds of business vehicles including passenger vehicles to delivery trucks.
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Affordability Rating
out of 599 user reviews
Customer Service Rating
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Insurance Coverage

Nationwide is ranked among one of the top companies that offer comprehensive general liability and property insurance policies across the country. The coverage options from nationwide protects every aspect your business.

It is often a tedious task to choose the best insurance company that offers affordable and complete solutions for your business but with Nationwide choosing an insurance policy that serves all your needs is completely easy. All policies are completely customizable and fairly priced.

There are many reasons that you can consider to choose Nationwide as your premier truck insurance provider as listed below:

  • Every policy can be customized according to your needs and can be tailor made to suit each and every business requirement of your company.
  • With a unique operating structure and diverse business operations, Nationwide is also one of the popular commercial truck insurers among most of the truckers across the country.
  • Nationwide is equipped with highly experienced and trained Insurance professionals who will guide you through every coverage options and also will help you to minimize losses and manage risks in your business.
  • Nationwide is also renowned for its excellent claims settlement in the quickest possible time. With Nationwide, in case of emergencies, you’ll be contacted by representative immediately not through phone but by visiting your place directly and quickly investigate matters to make the settlement quickly to get your business at the earliest
  • It also has an excellent customer support service to guide you in selecting the best insurance coverage options through phone, online or through hundreds of agents across the country.
  • You can also pay your premium through various payments options including check, debit/credit card, mail, phone or have it paid directly from your checking account.
Coverage Options

Nationwide insurance offers comprehensive insurance coverage options to suit each and every requirement of your business. A Nationwide agent provides commercial truck insurance policies that can cover:

  • Auto liability
  • Coverage for medical payments
  • Complete coverage for your business
  • Collision coverage
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage
  • Coverage for autos you borrow or rent
  • Coverage for employees using their cars for the business

Nationwide also provides along with the general liability options also provides a lot of special coverage options that include:

Roadside Assistance: In case of breakdown due to a flat tire, engine breakdown, you can call Nationwide to tow you out of trouble

Rental Reimbursement: In situation where your vehicle is locked in the garage for service due to a collision, Nationwide helps you in providing a payment to rent a vehicle to keep your business running

Accident Forgiveness: This option is available only in some states where Nationwide helps you in avoiding increasing your rate if it was first accident


Insurance companies are ranked based on various factors and one of the most important criteria that is considered is the affordability factor, where the pricing of the insurance policies offered by the companies that is compared with the plans from other companies.

Based on rankings and reviews and also after comparing progressive insurance plans with many other plans from other companies, we can easily provide 5 out of 5 stars for Nationwide as it provides affordable and low-cost insurance policies when compared to other commercial truck insurance companies.

Customer Satisfaction Rating
out of 599 user reviews

Nationwide Insurance is considered to be one of the most popular insurance companies and by popular it means it has been accepted by many companies for its affordable premium plans, all kinds of discounts being offered and the ease with which an account can be setup with Nationwide and also how fast claims are being settled etc.

Based on these factors, Nationwide Insurance ranks 3.9 out of 5 stars in terms of customer satisfaction.

Ease of Setup
Premium Affordabillity
Discount Satisfaction
Customer service
Claims Process
Financial Stability Rating
out of 599 user reviews

Nationwide Insurance has been ranked 3rd in J.D power satisfaction ratings and based on financial stability, customer satisfaction and many other factors. Nationwide has strong financial assets that has made it as one of the Fortune 500 company with over $161 million in statutory assets, making Nationwide as one of the largest commercial truck insurance companies in the world.

According to reviews from many credit rating companies, Nationwide has been provided 4.2 out of 5 stars, which is considered to be better than many commercial truck insurance companies out there. This rating also proves that Nationwide is able to settle claims in the quickest time possible.

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