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Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association is one of the premier commercial truck insurance companies that provides affordable trunk insurance policies to small and medium business truck owners.
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Having been in the industry since the 1970’s OOIDA is also one the oldest and most experienced commercial truck insurance specialists in the US and has also been a leader in providing some of the cheap insurance policies for owner-operators.

OOIDA offers insurance coverage for your trucks with minimal up-front payments and easy monthly installment options. With OOIDA you cannot find any hidden charges or additional costs adding up to your insurance coverage. Everything is transparent with OOIDA and if want the best way to save money on your Ooida Truck Insurance, please contact our customer support now at 1800-715-9369.

As a trucker, you may find it hard to get the best deal for your insurance that will cover all bad and mishaps that can happen during a road trip. This is why it is required to have a strong backup that can insure that everything will go wrong and that will always fight for your right. OOIDA membership can provide you with a lot of advantages as it provides many membership platforms that greatly caters to the needs of the truckers. The membership features provide all kinds of solutions a single and independent driver needs for his business and the safety of himself and his truck.

Coverage Options

OOIDA offers truck insurance options broadly for owner-operators with authority and leased owner-operators. Let’s take a look at each of these coverage options.

Owner-Operators with Authority

OOIDA offers the following types of truck insurance for single and independent truck owner-operators:

Primary Liability:  It covers the loss from legal liability of the truck owners for causing any kind of body injury or property damage to another party. It also covers all kinds of legal obligations of the owner operators operating on their own authority or owner operator carrying exempt commodities. To activate your own authority, you need to have this coverage. When FMCSA requires around $75,000, most of the shippers and brokers ask around $1 million limits.

Commercial General Liability is another kind of coverage that can be purchased along with primary liability with huge discounts in premium if purchased in conjunction with the primary coverage and it covers against all liability claims for the insurer for any kind of bodily injury and damages in property in the premises or during operations or on products and all kinds of completed operations. It also covers the liability claims on advertising and personal injuries.

Motor Truck Cargo is a kind of insurance that covers against the loss caused from legal liabilities from goods damage or any kind of merchandise that is under the care of the insured or under custody of the insured during transit. The Motor Cargo insurance also covers for the removal of debris, breakdown of the refrigeration unit and earned freight.

Passenger Accident Coverage provides cover for accidental death and dismemberment along with medical expenses only for guest passengers traveling in the truck. This coverage doesn’t provide cover co-drivers or employees of the insured. There is also no age limits included in the coverage.

Physical Damage provides coverage to any damage caused to your truck by accidents, theft, fire or any kind of vandalism act. It covers glass breakage, chip repair in the glass and any downtime coverage. No additional premium is added to the insured with the physical damage insurance coverage. In case you have a tractor and a trailer under the physical damage insurance coverage, and under circumstances if both are involved in the same accident, then the coverage will apply only for one vehicle and it will be highest deductible one.


OOIDA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Owner-Operator Services, Inc., and has been run some of the most experienced minds and knows exactly the insurance and other business needs of every other owner-operator. When you come to OOIDA, it is absolutely certain that you can find every kind of information about the best coverage options for your business.

OOIDA is one of the popular commercial truck insurance companies that has commercial truck insurance cost lower than other companies along with the best coverage policies that provides solutions for all kinds of problems an owner-operator can face in his business.

Customer Satisfaction Rating
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OOIDA has always been on the forefront to provide insurance that is affordable and covers all kinds of damages to the insurer. When you become a member of OOIDA, you are bound to enjoy a lot of benefits and services from OOIDA. They have a range of exclusive membership benefit programs and plans including:

  • Health and Life Benefits
  • Business and Information Services
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Retirement Plans
  • Identity Management Services
  • Truckers Advantage Fuel Card
  • IFTA Fuel and Mileage Tax Services
  • Member’s Edge Load Board
  • Rebate Programs
  • Discount Programs
  • Sprint
  • Land Line Magazine
  • Land Line Now and
  • Political Action Committee
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OOIDA has been in the truck insurance space for around 42 years and hence you don’t need to worry about the financial stability of the organization. It has helped thousands of single and independent small and medium truckers with affordable insurance coverage policies.

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